How to Start the Day

My morning started out with Shift Shop. I got sweaty and hungry. Breakfast was Turkey Hash with Sriracha. The markers have what I want to achieve written on them. #beachbody #fitness #workout #shiftshop

New Workout

The Shift Shop will make you sweat. 25 int nse minutes have me on my back on the floor feeling good, but wow.

Strike 10?

You get 10 tries to use the correct password with a hefty warning when you’re down to the last 3 chances. You blow through the last 3 chances, then you call for help. 😑

Fitness Choices

This morning I made a choice. My Gold Card was trumped by the need to be healthier. The need to be a better me. I’m not a breakfast eater. However, that’s a lie. Yup, lying to myself. I do want breakfast. I was choosing the wrong fuel. Now I’m choosing the right fuel. Like your…

Don’t be Afraid

Don’t be afraid of the rain in your life? Without it, you won’t grow when the Sun comes out.