Dear God,
Thank you for what I have.
I am grateful for all You have given me.
Because Your Word is true – I now give to get –
the Bible Way
And You will pour out a blessing from the windows of
Heaven –
Pressed down, shaken together and running over to me,
through other people.

Because I am a giver, I will not participate in a depression
or a recession. I will not reduce my giving out of fear,
while asking You for more blessing. I declare that I am
not under the curse – I am under Your blessing. So I
receive increase, bonuses, commissions, returns on
investments, surprise money, and good pay.

You have given me power to get wealth, God ideas, and
strength to be productive. I am not lazy, for you give me
energy to take back what the devil has stolen, and go get
my stuff.

I will give You Your portion so we can build the Kingdom
of God together.

I am Your financial miracle, and…

-Pastor Donald Moore
Living Word Chapel