Impromptu Picnic

I got invited to an impromptu picnic this morning that included strawberry pancakes, and hamburgers. You just have to love their imaginations. #twins #family #parenting #fatherhood #theblackmancan

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A Gentle Reminder

I know the media is covering the growing youth movement on gun violence and extra marital affairs of the man in office, but don’t forget about Puerto Rico, Flint, the Nor’easters that trampled the Northeast, and the flooding in California.

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The First Day of Spring

The first day of Spring brings dreams of warmer days, flowers blooming, and the putting away of the heavy Winter clothing. Not in Columbus, Ohio. Project Drop Top Bullitt is encased in a thin layer of ice. We expect snow later today. To top things off, one of my wiper blades tore. A quick stop […]

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