Throwback Thursday: Office 97

Good ole Microsoft Office 97. Wow. Takes you back does it. I was in college then. I didn’t purchase Office. I bought and used WordPerfect. In my opinion it was superior and easier on the wallet of a college student back then. I still don’t suggest buying Office today for personal use. Use LibreOffice, OpenOffice, […]

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New to Me Technology

I picked up a decent older Lenovo laptop today from The Ohio State University Surplus. It’s running Ubuntu 16.04 currently. Not bad for a 15 inch laptop just over $100. It has enough horsepower to do the minor video editing I want to do. I may change it to a dual boot with Windows. I’m […]

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Windows 95

I remember running the gold edition with USB support. Really, it was plug and pray because USB was new, but the Sidewinder joystick was the bizness for MechWarrior. #throwbackthursday #technology #windows95

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