Thanks Jerry Jones

A big shoutout to Jerry Jones for freeing up my Sundays for an extra long time. The only football I’ll be watching is college football on Saturdays. I was going to watch the Superbowl, but I’ll skip that too. Fantasy Football is on the plank. The only way I will change my mind is if…

Just Saying No This Season

I’m just saying no to the NFL this season. The only game I’ll watch may be the Superbowl. The Colin Kapernick blackballing and the CTE findings have pushed me over a tolerance limit. The NFL needs to clean up its act. I have a fantasy football league to run, but I’m not even sure if…

Not Over It

I’m still not over the Falcons choking the Superbowl away. The same problem that has plagued the team for years reared its head in the second half. The inability of the defensive line to apply pressure to the quaterback. It’s very simple. If Brady gets a clean pocket, he is going to slaughter you. It…

Rise Up!

It’s gameday. Superbowl 51. It’s time for the brotherhood to bring home the championship to Atlanta. Go Falcons! Rise up!

ATL Falcons Superbowl Bound

Five years ago I made this ring up at the Football Hall of Fame. It can finally become a reality. #RiseUp