Tech: Just a moment. That is my polite way of telling you to be quiet. Your TMI is out of control. Advertisements

The Internet is Just There

User: I’m not able to access my email while remote. Tech: How are you connecting? User: I don’t know. Tech: 🤔

Liar Liar

Liar liar pants on fire. You never called about this issue before. All of your other incidents are not related. 😛

The Rambler

Tech: Which login screen are you stuck at? User: I changed my password yesterday while working from home. Then my cat said meow. Tech: Which login screen are you stuck at? User: After the cat meowed I saw the encryption software screen. Then I had to water my flowers. Tech: What is the error you…

Failed Reading

User: I have tried again to download and install the software using the updated password for the account and I am still getting the same message, how do I resolve this? Tech: Did you follow the guidance of the KB I sent you about how to use the account? User: No, I guess I need…