Fitness Choices

This morning I made a choice. My Gold Card was trumped by the need to be healthier. The need to be a better me. I’m not a breakfast eater. However, that’s a lie. Yup, lying to myself. I do want breakfast. I was choosing the wrong fuel. Now I’m choosing the right fuel. Like your…

Don’t be Afraid

Don’t be afraid of the rain in your life? Without it, you won’t grow when the Sun comes out.

Don’t Starve to Be Fit

One of the biggest misconceptions about being fit is that you can’t enjoy good food. That is so not true. You can enjoy great food, tastey food, make you slap yo momma food in moderation and still be fit. I’ve been doing yoga in the AM and I was doing a Pushup Challenge in the…

‚Äč13th Anniversary

Today we celebrate 13 wonderful years of marriage. We have grown so much together. This is one of our best years, and we are looking forward to greater ones to come. #marriage #blacklove #couples #anniversary #love #eros 

Why Am I Getting Fitter?

When I see my twin girls, I know I want to be on this Earth a long time to witness their growth into beautiful women. When I see my wife picking up the wellness mantle with me it makes me want to keep going. To do more. We are in it together pushing each other….