Mostly Patched Up

Project Drop Top Bullitt is mostly patched up now after spending some time in the shop. I wish the money had gone towards real upgrades, but it’s a daily driver so it has to be kept running. Quarter window motor fixed. That was an ordeal. After going through multiple vendors and motors, the shop stripped […]

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Bad Bubble

Bubble in the sidewall. I’m glad I purchased warranty Discount Tire offers. It was cheap and made total sense for nonsense like this. They don’t have the exact same tire anymore after three years, so I’m replacing two to keep things more in sync. Don’t ride with a bubble in your sidewall by the way. […]

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Mustang Status

It has been quite a while since I’ve written about what’s going on with Project Drop Top Bullitt. So here is an update and maybe a roadmap. The last update to the project was getting the Pioneer head unit installed. As of a couple of months ago I do have a speaker that is on […]

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