Sweat Now No Sweat Later

If I sweat now, I won’t have the doctor sweating me at my annual physical. #beachbody #fitness #workout #shiftshop

One of These Days

This is just week one, but one of these days in this 3 week program, I will not be left lying on the floor. I feel good though at accomplishing most of the workout. I did more than I did on Monday. It’s building me up as I allow it to. #beachbody #fitness #workout #shiftshop

Before the Crack of Dawn

We were up before the crack of down to move, sweat, and push weights in the Shift Shop. I’m sweating more at home than I did in the gym. A lot of the same moves, but more focused, and cardio rolled into them. #beachbody #fitness #workout #shiftshop The workout was completed with a breakfast of…

How to Start the Day

My morning started out with Shift Shop. I got sweaty and hungry. Breakfast was Turkey Hash with Sriracha. The markers have what I want to achieve written on them. #beachbody #fitness #workout #shiftshop