Not to Busy

It has been a busy day, but I started off the morning pushing these weights. I wasn’t Mr. Smiley Face while doing it, but I’m so glad I did. #fitness #beachbody #shiftshop #workout

Putting the Labor in Labor Day

I went to the Shift Shop this morning. It’s not a day off from exercise. My after workout breakfast: Shakeology and 24 ounces of water. I’m checking in on my NFL fantasy draft as well.

Almost There Success

I am feeling great today after reading the scale this morning. After doing almost three weeks of Beachbody’s Shift Shop, walking for 20 minutes on average during my lunch, drinking Shakeology, and following the Shift Shop meal plan, I’ve gone from 218lbs at the start of the program to 209lbs. I’m only 4lbs away from…

Be Strong

Be strong when temptation is trying to throw you off of your fitness goals. Go back to your why. Use its Force. It’s a Star Wars allusion, but you get the point. You’ve got goals to reach and things to do. Ain’t nobody got time for going backwards.

Saturday Sweat

I got my sweat on in the Shift Shop. My in person coach made sure I didn’t quit. “Get up Daddy.” “Come on Daddy.” No quit in her. She makes me smile and work harder. #beachbody #fitness #workout #shiftshop