​The Late Push

It’s late at night, but I wanted to get this in and I finally had quiet time to do so. 80 pushups done. I had to take a longer break before the last set, but I got it all in and I feel good about it. Shower, then bed. 5am comes very quick. At least…

​That Was Hard

63 push ups done. The last set of 14 was killer. I might need 3 minute breaks between sets instead of the 2 minutes that the app gives. I’ll continue to push. 100 is the goal. I more than half way there. 🙂

Back at It

55 push ups done. I’m back at it after dealing with illness for the past month and a half. I have maybe two more weeks before I get back in the gym. I need to let the pneumonia fully clear my lung. I’m light years away from where I was, and I’m thankful for that.

A Lot of Walking

I should have been farther by now, but hey, this is better than the alternative of nothing.