Sweat Now No Sweat Later

If I sweat now, I won’t have the doctor sweating me at my annual physical. #beachbody #fitness #workout #shiftshop

One of These Days

This is just week one, but one of these days in this 3 week program, I will not be left lying on the floor. I feel good though at accomplishing most of the workout. I did more than I did on Monday. It’s building me up as I allow it to. #beachbody #fitness #workout #shiftshop

You…All About You

Why are YOU mad at me because YOU installed a virus on YOUR computer? I hope YOU learn a valuable lesson.

Before the Crack of Dawn

We were up before the crack of down to move, sweat, and push weights in the Shift Shop. I’m sweating more at home than I did in the gym. A lot of the same moves, but more focused, and cardio rolled into them. #beachbody #fitness #workout #shiftshop The workout was completed with a breakfast of…