What’s Crackin’

It has been a while since I just wrote some thing. However, I have this feeling that I should write. Put some things onto digital paper. I’m writing this over multiple days. So here we go:

It’s late and I have to be at work in a few hours on a Saturday. Self imposed because there are some things that I need to get done that I can’t do during the regular work week. That is sometimes the life in information technology. The good thing is I can put on some podcasts and tunes. No one will be around that will care. I’m taking the Celtic Blu Tallboy to work. ☺️


I’m at work. His data transfer is slow, but at least it’s USB 3 instead of 2 or 1. Still, transferring 130GB takes a while. I’ve had a couple of other setbacks on two other issues, but that just means I’ll be leaving a little earlier. I have to wait for other teams to assist and the issues are not production stopping.

Epublishing is going through my mind right now. I’ve thought about it many times. I have the materials. It’s a matter of doing it. Do I have an audience though? Do I need to publish under a psydounym? Am I ready? Does it matter if I’m ready or not? Should I “just do it.”


My charge was dinner. Sweet and Sour meatballs was the course. Everyone enjoyed them. The Twins blessed me thank you after thank you.

Now we are trying to get the wind down going. The goal is to get the Twins in bed, then maybe we can watch Thor Ragnarok.

Thor Ragnarok was good and I saw it for free. No, I didn’t pirate it. I was able to use my Google Rewards payout to pay for it. Free coin for answering very short surveys pays in time.


Monday after Spring Forward and I’m still looking for Spring. Adjusting to the hour lost will take a couple of days, but Monday is good thus far. We may have snow rolling in later tonight. Will it stop? Soon. Soon.

Yesterday was a breakthrough potty training day. The Twins used their potties instead of pullups.

It’s snowing. Again. I am ready for Winter to be over.

Now we hit the wind down. Hopefully quietly watching Daniel Tiger will induce sleepy eyes.

And they are out for the count. Victory for Daddy.

My mind is running. Not racing, but running. I feel like I don’t have any focus on this blog, but then again the title says it all. So maybe it being unfocused is its focus.

I need to get back to exercising and working on the short story that I put down a while back.

I went through a period of just low energy for what seemed like no reason. The more I think about it the more I think I got sick, but it was not sick enough to put me on bed rest or for medication. My body was just burnt out. Stress can do that to you. I will get back on track. I just need to figure out a good time. A time that doesn’t leave me taxed and unable to recover in the long run.

No sticking snow so the drive in the morning will be okay.

The Southeast is calling. I’m listening. God. Will you make the path plain?