Deep Into the Abyss of Disregard

I work in Information Technology, I T for short. I fix the things. I fix people too. Wait, what?

Yes, I fix people. By that I mean I educate them. At least those that want to receive any benefit.

Case in point. It’s 2018 and there are still people running around the Internet, connecting to other computers, sharing/pirating files, etc. without any protection. They get infected, the computer throws up crazy popups or grinds to a halt. They don’t blame their actions. They blame Microsoft, the Internet Service Provider, the last tech that worked on the computer, or the manufacturer. Nope, the problem is them. Just them.

Sadly, things are only going to get worst in this age of expanding connectivity. It’s up to you as the user of the technology to be informed.

Don’t think just because you use an Apple device, Linux, Android, or any other operating system besides Windows that you’re safe in a shell. You’re not. Don’t be naive.

Bill Gates is not going to give you any money for sharing information. He doesn’t run Microsoft and has not for a long time. Applebee’s is not going to give you any free food for sharing an email. And stop passing along the chain memes. Why? Pictures can be infected too. Surprise. The Internet can be a wonderful place just like like the Everglades. Just like the Everglades, there are dangers that lurk out there just waiting for you to engage them.

I say these things because I rather come off a little harsh now, than try to console your tears later when some hacker has waged war on your online identity, stolen it, and has the FBI surveilling you. It may be easier than you think to trigger getting on their watch list.

If you can install an app on your phone or use Excel, Word, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, eMail, or Google, then you can apply minimum protection to your computer. There are free tools available. Many cable companies now provide you software free of charge because protecting you protects them. You may have to pay for some software to gain access to some of its more robust tools, but considering how much of our lives are digital, it may very well be worth it for you.

As the refs say in combat sports, “Protect yourself at all times.”