Thanks Jerry Jones

A big shoutout to Jerry Jones for freeing up my Sundays for an extra long time. The only football I’ll be watching is college football on Saturdays. I was going to watch the Superbowl, but I’ll skip that too. Fantasy Football is on the plank.

The only way I will change my mind is if the NFL, NFLPA, and all of the other owners come forth and tell Jerry Jones to shove his plantation mentality up where the Sun don’t shine.

The original reason for the protest by Kapernick has been thrown to the side as the 45th president and Conservative leaning media took the narrative and made it about disrespecting the flag and military. It was NEVER about that until they forcefully changed the narrative.

Nevermind, that telling the players when they can and cannot protest is a violation of their First Amendment rights. You know, the one about free speech. Nevermind, that none of the silent protest have caused bloodshed. Nevermind that the KKK has the right to Free Speech so they can March through the streets of a community. Nevermind, that then, candidate 45, gloated about grabbing women by the vagina and getting away with it due to his fame. Nevermind that the 45th President of the United States called NFL players mothers female dogs. There are a ton of intricate small crimes committed that are getting a pass like never before. To top it all is wasting tax payers money to have the Vice President walk out on a NFL game knowing that players for the 49ers would be kneeling.

You may not like what I’m saying, but it’s true when you stop just listening and following, and you start thinking with the deductive reasoning skills you acquired in elementary school.

I’m done. Continue to have a nice season Falcons and Panthers. Maybe one of you will win it all. I’ll most likely read about it after the fact if you do.