Successful Maiden Flight

My maiden flight with my second drone was very successful during my lunch break. I didn’t get higher than 25 feet, but this flight was more about testing out speed, response time, and figuring out technical bugs.

First problem. I forgot triple A batteries for the controller. That was resolved by getting some from my supervisor. I pay her back by week’s end.

During the maiden flight I learned that I need to trim out the quad so that it can truly hold its hover position. I’ll take care of that at home. I also learned that the Cobra is easier to fly than my Hubsan X4. However, I’m glad I learned on the X4 because it makes flying the Cobra less difficult.

I am going to need a lot of space for FPV (First Person View) when I try it. I think instead I’m going to get my wife to try the view first while I fly. That should be….interesting.

During the maiden flight I could not get the camera to work with my phone. I read the directions three times, then duh. My WiFi automatically turns off when I’m at work. My personal setup. I deactivated the rule, turned on WiFi, but still no go. The Sun was starting to crisp me so I went back to my desk to figure out the problem.

The problem with the WiFi connection was because my phone did not detect actual Internet access it was dropping the drone’s WiFi. I enabled connect without Internet access, and BAM. The camera worked.