Capturing Creativity

The key for me is to always have my tools available when it comes to being creative. This is even easier to do in the smartphone age. Such as the idea for this post. I was already working on something on my laptop, opened up Keep, and started typing to get my thoughts about this down. Will I finish it now? Nah. However, the seed is planted in fertile soil. The keyboard has replaced the pen for me. It’s always available.


Time to wrap this up. It’s a new day.

Creativity can some times feel like living in the Matrix. I’m able to see the things like Neo that other people don’t see. We see the same flower, but I see more than just a flower. I see the creases in the petals, the dust of pollen falling from the stamen, and much more. You see rain on a window. I see an ever changing unique canvas that should be captured. You see sunsets. I see golden hours that are quickly fading. My mind works differently. Do you just see a red rose or do you see a manifested expression of love beyond the normality of space and time transcending dimensions? I just lost you. That’s my mind at work when using my cameras.

My high school English teacher, Mrs. Hunter, always said to keep your pen and paper handy. I just converted those items to today’s technology.