Why Am I Getting Fitter?

IMG_20170702_133436_editedWhen I see my twin girls, I know I want to be on this Earth a long time to witness their growth into beautiful women. When I see my wife picking up the wellness mantle with me it makes me want to keep going. To do more. We are in it together pushing each other. That’s a marvelous aspect of a healthy marriage.

My health issues are not singular to myself. They are more so driven by family genetic history. My great-grandmother died from a stroke, my grandfather had triple bypass heart surgery and an unknown heart attack, my grandmother died of breast cancer, and my mother has diabetes. How do I overcome those odds? I’m going to have to deal with something right? Yes, I had to start doing something. I ain’t scared and my health is important. My family is important. I made time to start a healthier journey a couple of years ago.

When your doctor tells you to lose weight it does not always hit home in your soul, but when they say it again and accompany that with cholesterol medication, it’s a different feeling. It hit home. The numbers on the chart hit home. Remembering that my grandfather is on the same medication hit home. I’m not going out like that. I got back to working out. I had fallen off the bandwagon due to life happenings, illness, and injury.

My wife, Felice F. Knight, joined in and that was the cherry on top. My follow-up visit to my doctor revealed all of my stats were within a normal range. That was within 90 days. I’m still on the cholesterol medication, but she didn’t have to increase the dose and sees my improvement. I’m going to minimize the medication to an afterthought of its support, but not foundational.