Wool Balls

Why do we use dryer sheets/fabric softener? The primary reason is to avoid the dreaded static cling. Secondary to that is to make things nice and fluffy soft. Lastly, is for fragrance unless you use fragrance free. What if all of that is bad for your clothing? What if it’s bad for you?

Did you know that dryer sheets/fabric softener ruins clothing and towels? It takes a while, but it does. Did you know it can be harmful to baby clothing? 

Let’s start with baby clothing first. Most baby clothing has flame retardant applied to it. Dryer Sheets/fabric softener breaks down the flame retardant making it ineffective.

Do you remember reading the label on the athletic wear or other clothing you purchased with moisture wicking abilities? Those labels state to not use any fabric softener. Why? The softener coats the moisture wicking fibers making them useless. Ineffective. You basically are wearing basic clothing destroying one of the working elements of the clothing. Fabric softener is why you have that big sweat spot on your Under Armour gear instead of it being wicked away to evaporate.
Those nice fluffy towels that don’t absorb jack squat anymore. Fabric softener killed the moisture soaking the towel had.

What is the answer then? First stop buying fabric softener/dryer sheets. Second, use up what you have and never go back. Third, buy some wool balls or make them. Yes, wool balls are the answer. They are reusable, and do everything that you want from fabric softener except the scent. Just spray yourself with perfume or cologne which you were going to do anyway.

We bought these on Amazon and have not looked back. Definitely a win. Save money and a better laundering experience for the family.