Do you listen to podcast? Do you know what podcast are?

Podcast are basically old school radio format using today’s technology. You may not be old enough to remember sitting in front of the radio listening to a story or show, but that is essentially what a podcast is. I’m not old enough to have lived before television, so I don’t have those memories of listening and imagining in that manner. However, podcast are a great new representation of a gone by era.

Below you can see the podcast. That I subscribe to using the app Player.fm on Android. There are other apps to use, but I find this one to be my favorite.

What you see is what I’m subscribed to. Sports, News, Finances, Photography, Marriage Building, Poetry (it’s below the control bar) and Technology

Yes, a few of my podcast are television shows, but they lend themselves to just listening very well. I can listen to my favorite ESPN shows with less commercials and no cable or satellite subscription. That’s a win.

When do I listen? The best times for me are during my daily commute, lunch, and when doing yard work.

There are podcast out there to cover a wide variety of interest. You should give some a try.