This is a Journey, Not a Trip

I am on a fitness journey, not just a trip. Yes, I have been derailed temporarily. I’ve spent the majority of this month ill. First, I got a virus that taxed my immune system like nothing before it. I was out of work and in bed for a week. I got over it only to then get hit by pneumonia a few days later. Some more time missed from work and a loss of voice. The loss of voice was hard since my job demands a lot of talking.

During this time I have not been able to workout. No gym. No working out at home. I hope to be back in the gym by the start of May. I still need to let my body finish recovering and to get a recheck/followup from my doctor.

Fitness is a journey, not a trip. A trip is a short in my mind. You go and you return back to your normality afterward. A journey takes a long time. A journey becomes a part of your life. A journey is interwoven/integrated into what you do becoming a part of you. This is fitness for me. It is a journey. Will there be detours along the way? Yes, but I keep moving forward and rerouting because I have a place I want to reach. I want to be the healthiest me I can be.

Soon, you will see my workout posts again, and I still need to complete the Zen Lab Pushup challenge. Change takes time. Healing takes time. The journey takes time and devotion. I’m devoted, and I will take the time.