Maybe You Didn’t Get Hacked

Maybe, just maybe, your account didn’t get hacked. Not at least in the traditional way that most people think hacking happens. Most people think that someone is covertly monitoring their every keystroke or getting snapshots of their screens, but that’s not the case with what appears to be an account takeover on Facebook. You actually gave them the keys to your Facebook house. Stop shaking your head like “No I didn’t. I didn’t give them my password.” Silly rabbit, they didn’t need your password because you gave them authorization to your account.

Sine joining Facebook a few months back I see a lot of posts about personality test results, I’m like this famous person, or I’m an introvert with extrovert qualities, I’m this kind of flower, Mike Tyson is my alter ego, etc. You get the gist.  I am willing to be that each time you do one of those quizzes, that at the end it asks for your permission to allow the results to post to Facebook or another social media network. You say yes, without hesitation because you just have to share this with your online friends and family, and your blood/marriage related family and friends that are online as well. Guess what? You just gave such and such company or person(s) the authorization they need to create havoc on your account. That’s right, you gave them permission.

Is it right? No, but if you give me a key to your house and say raid the fridge whenever you need something, then don’t be mad when I show up at 1am to make a sammich, get a drink, and watch a movie. You gave me the authorization to do as much.

In short, review who you have given authorization to on your account. Do they really need it? Is it a service that is legit and you use it often? Is it something your 22nd cousin removed on your father’s side sent you because they thought it was funny or cool? Put a stop to it. Protect yourself. If you really must take that quiz, then screenshot the result and post it yourself. Don’t give a stranger the key to your house. You might not like the mess they leave behind after making their sammich, drinking your drink, and watching a movie on your dime and time.