No Registration Required, but be Lawful

Our glorious government branch known as the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requires by law that if you own a drone that weighs more than 0.55 pounds and less than 55 pounds, so between the range of .55 pounds to 55 pounds, you must register it with them. Yes, owning a drone requires self-registration on a federal list by law. The cost for each drone you register is $5.

Why you might ask do they want you to register your drone? Well, we have had some people do some stupid stuff with drones. They have gotten in the way of airline flight paths at airports, flown into restricted airspace in Washington DC, and gotten in the way of firefighters trying to put out large forest fires. If they knock your drone out of the sky, they can then trace it back to you now. Say hello to the FBI showing up on your doorstep or at your job like Agent Smith from the Matrix, except you’re not Neo.

Thankfully my Hubsan X4 and CobraRC drones fall below the .55 pound registration requirement. I don’t have to register them. Main reason why. In most of the scenarios that I previously laid out, my drones are not completelyΒ capable of flying in. That’s not saying one could not figure out a way to be stupid, but the likelihood is a lot lower.

I’ll keep my $10 for now and stay away from restricted areas. Maybe in the future, I’ll have some larger drones that will require registration.

The bottom line is to know if you have to register your drone and to know the restricted airspace around you.

FAA Where to FlyΒ