Throwback Thursday

Finally. Senior year. Senior picture. Just a little stache growing in. I don’t how these 4th graders today have full beards 😜.

Many of us in the Class of 1995 had a long journey together. It all started for many of us at Rafting Creek Elementary.

We transitioned from elementary to middle to Junior high, then finally Senior high school together. Some of us grew closer, while some grew apart, but our class bond set us apart.

We’re all 40 or closing in on the mark this year. I had the honor of crossing that threshold on the first of the year. Many are following. Some have already crossed over to the other side of life, but they are not forgotten. No one in our Class of 1995 was just a footnote. Many talents, many minds, marching finally down the aisle in cap and gown was divine. The quote on our commencement put it best.

It has been nice reflecting on these times over the last few weeks. You do a lot of reflecting when you get older. Some times that’s a good thing. Some times that’s a bad thing. It just depends on what your end result is. I know one thing for sure, and this is a very bold and honest truth. Graduating with this Hillcrest (Senior) High School class of 1995 still tops my college graduation by miles. There was much more love, friendship, and kinship involved.

Hats off to you Class of 1995.

Food for thought: The Class of 95 transcends analog to digital. Think about it.