Still Not 100% But Better

There is some virus that is going around that knocked me down for almost a week. Things started going south late last Thursday. I was able to finish the work week, but I was not in top condition or even at 50%. Constantly running a fever with headaches, lack of appetite, sweating like I was the desert, but then feeling as cold as the freezer in the kitchen was not a great feeling.

I went to the doctor on Sunday. No flu. No strep. You have a virus. Let it run its course. Take Tylenol and Motrin to keep the fever in check. A virus. A virus. Well, this sucks. A no name virus that can just be called a cold virus has reeked havoc on me.

One would think that I would just lay in bed and marathon Netflix. That sounds like a great idea until your brain can’t take, and your eyes can’t take it due to a splitting headache the virus is causing. By the way, Jessica Jones is NSFW, NSFChildren, and just plain ole NSFor a lot of senses. The NC17 rating would fit it well.

I was barely active online. Yes, there were a couple of posts from here, but they were scheduled. Kind of cool actually.

A big downside is I had to chew up 3 days of PTO. It was good to have, but it takes a while to earn that back. Companies kill me with the whole no sick leave thing, combining everything into PTO. I took a sick vacation because I had to. It wasn’t fun.

I’ve made it through most of the work day now. I tried to avoid using my voice as much as possible. The residuals of the virus make talking a lot hard. My voice basically gives out after a few minutes. Clearing the throat gives a reset, but the timer gets shorter and shorter.

I’m somewhere between 75 – 80 percent well.

I’m now on call until Wednesday night. I pray that it’s very very quiet. Go enjoy the outdoors with friends and family people. It’s been a long Winter.