The USPS Saga

I lost and I won, but the seller lost most of all. A package I ordered was delivered by USPS to the wrong address. Not only was it delivered to the wrong address, but it was scanned at the same wrong address. How do I know it was scanned at the wrong address? USPS told me. Whenever a driver scans a package the GPS location is captured as well.

For over a week I tried to get USPS to get my package back. I even contacted my lawyer. Why did I contact my lawyer? Because I felt like I was being brushed off by USPS. To start, the clerk at the front counter did not initially want to allow me to speak to a supervisor or the postmaster, though I asked to speak with the postmaster. I never got to speak with the postmaster. I guess the postmaster must be like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz. He or she hides behind a curtain pulling levers never to be seen. I’m not Dorthy, so the best I got was a supervisor, I’m assuming my routes supervisor after I protested to the clerk that I was not going to call some number.

Let me step back a minute. I did call the national customer service line for the USPS. I was on hold for about 40 minutes before someone answered the phone. The gentleman took down the details I gave him about the marking of a delivery, but nothing being delivered. He then told me he would send my information to the postmaster of my local USPS, and the postmaster would respond to me via email within 72 hours. I asked if I would get a copy of my case number in my email, and he said yes. I never got the case number and the postmaster never contacted me.

Meantime my carrier, who is not consistent with mail delivery at all (I found out we have had temps for some time, and our current person was now our new permanent carrier). So on her first week on our route, she delivers my package to the wrong address and is unable to get it back once alerted. I still don’t understand why the postmaster was never involved or why the supervisor did not physically go out on the route to the home and reclaim the package.

I called my lawyer, and their advice was to work with the shipper to apply pressure to the USPS. The shipper was a seller, who sells through Amazon. I called Amazon. The Amazon rep took down my information and offered to contact the seller. I told him to ask if the seller could ship me another package via UPS or FedEx, if he had another one. If not, then to refund my money. My money was refunded.

I don’t feel that the refund from the seller was fair to the seller. It wasn’t their fault that the USPS botched the delivery. I really hope the seller had insurance on the package so they could get reimbursed.

In the end, which I considered to be yesterday, USPS just said whoops.

I found another excellent deal on what was lost and placed my order. I alerted the route supervisor yesterday that I am once again expecting a package. She told me to just call if anything happens. I asked her how when the phone rings busy, just rings, or rings and is hung up immediately? Her response was to come by in person. Well, I already knew that.

Needless to say, my trust in the USPS is flatlined.