The Journey

We are all on a journey. Some of us are looking for this and that, material things, while others are looking for the bigger picture, the thing that evolves us. That thing that evolves us gets us to our destination. It is our destiny. Why are we here? Are we just here to take up space, breathe air, drink liquid, and turn into dry dust of former bones that return back to the Earth from which we came?  No. We should have and must have a purpose on our journey to reach our destination which will then turn into a destiny fulfilled that leaves a legacy not forgotten.

Purpose changes over time. It rarely stays the same or you can have an overarching purpose, but there are things under the arch that are constantly changing. That’s okay. It’s called growing up/maturing. What was important to you in your teens, may not be important to you in 30s.

My overall purpose is to be the solid foundation from which my family can launch to reach the stars. It’s a journey, and my destination is set. My legacy will follow.