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Casey and Bubba arrive at the house. They are clothed in bulletproof vests and exit their vehicle with hands on their sidearms. After assessing the possibility of threats outside, they enter the house. Hendrick is just beyond the doorway, lying in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Casey rushes to Hendrick while Bubba checks the house for more threats. Casey is aghast by the bloody mess Hendrick is. “Hendrick… Hendrick!” she shouts, as she kneels beside him. “You better not be dead. Not yet…” “Not until Chief kills you,” she murmurs with a twinge of fear in her voice, as she leans closer.

She checks his pulse, and breathes a sigh of relief when a faint pulse comes through. Hendrick stirs a bit at the touch of Casey’s fingers and moans but says nothing coherent.

“Clear!” Bubba announces as he runs back into the room.

“Okay,” Casey responds. “Let’s move. This is not a great situation,” she says as she motions to Hendrick.

Bubba nods grimly and reached down to lift Hendrick up. He carries him out of the house on his broad shoulders, and eases him onto the back seat of the patrol car. “Sit back there with him Casey,” he says as he makes his way to the driver’s seat.

Casey climbs in next to Henrick, and cradles his upper body in her arms. Bubba starts the car. , “St. Ann’s is the closest, only 10 minutes away.”

“Crosstown! Go to Crosstown!,” Casey shouts from the backseat.

“That’s a 30 minute ride from here. He needs attention now.”

“Go to Crosstown,” Casey insists. “Drive or be driven.” The commanding tone in Casey’s voice lets Bubba know there will be no further debate.

As they drive away from the house, someone with binoculars watches from the shadows and places a phone call. But, the Goon Squad members have no idea they are being watched.

When they arrive at Crosstown, Hendrick is admitted and rushed to surgery. Casey and Bubba sit in the waiting room. They are agitated and worried. Bubba more so than Casey.

“Don’t say a word Bubba,” Casey says, as if she can read Bubba’s mind. “This is our turf. It’s the safest place for us to be laid up if we have to be. Dallas’ reach does not extend to here.” Bubba finally understands why Casey told him to come here..

A statue of a dominating presence, suddenly the Chief arrives. He strides into the waiting room briskly and stands directly in front of Casey and Bubba like a commander in the military. His voice is as unyielding and cold as the look on his face. “Is he out of surgery yet? Did you contact his mother?” Bubba snaps to attention. “Sir, no sir. Negative to both questions.” He’s surprised by his own reaction to the Chief. He wonders why the Chief always has that effect on him, making him hearken back to his days in the military.

“ Call his mother now,” says the Chief.

“Yes sir.” Bubba hurries off to make the phone call.

Casey stares at the Chief, surprised to see him there. “How did you know we were here?”

“I got an anonymous phone call about an officer getting his butt kicked for trying to go solo. The same tipster told me some officers came by and scooped him up.” He frowned and looked down at Casey like a parent scolding their child. “ And, it’s not hard to track down a missing patrol car with officers in it that should have been at the afternoon briefing.”

Casey cuts her eyes, and sinks back into her chair, a look of concern etched with disgust across her face.

“We will get Dallas,” says the Chief. “But we have to do so within the boundaries we’ve been given.

Casey cuts her eyes again. “Boundaries? Really?” She points to her chest, “We have to abide by boundaries while the underworld king in this area changes his boundaries all the time?.”

Chief ignores her question. “Why was Hendrick there alone? With no back up. No surveillance. No warrant. How did he get there?”

“I don’t know.”

“That’s not the answer I’m looking for.” His voice lowers to a growl this time.
Before she can answer, Bubba returns.

She is relieved. A way out of this conversation.. She stands up and rubs her hands on her shirt as if to say, “I’m done with this conversation. Then she looks at Bubba with firm resolve in her eyes and says “Let’s go. This case won’t solve itself. We have work to do.”

The Chief nods his head to dismiss them, and with a cold, stern look still on his face, says, “I’ll remain here for the doctor’s report and for his mother.”


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