The USPS Mail Delivery Saga

This has been a frustrating half of a week. Why? The USPS is why. In an earlier post, What’s in the Box, I teased about getting something new that I wanted to show off, but I needed/wanted to wait until the second box arrived.

I placed the order for the second item. Count me happy as a lark as I waited for its arrival. I got the alert that it was delivered on Wednesday. AWESOME! Christmas in March. I call my wife because I don’t want it left outside. However, there is no package. She got a package, but my package was not to be found. Strange, but hey, hopefully, it’ll be delivered before I get home. In my gut, though, I knew things were not going to play out well.

I had that feeling in my gut because the mail carrier has marked things as delivered before, but they are not actually delivered until later in the day or even the next day. That is a shame. It’s ticked me off previously, but this time I wanted to take action.

I called my local post office hoping to be able to speak with the Postmaster. No dice. The phone number just rang busy. How in the world can a place in this day and age have a phone that just rings busy. No machine answering the phone to direct your call. No voicemail. Just a bust signal.

I called the national customer service line listed on the website. I waited on the line for 40 minutes to speak with someone to file a complaint. I was then told that I would be contacted within 72 hours. Not really good enough in my mind. I’m livid. I’m so livid, I don’t sleep well.

The next day I went to the post office. The clerk at the counter tried to give me the runaround to run me off. No dice, and it only infuriated me more. I asked to speak to the Postmaster, but that person was not available. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but got the runaround again, until he understood that I was not going anywhere and that it was in his best interest to get me a supervisor if he wanted to assist the next customer. I was not the only one with a delivery issue. Another person’s medication was not properly delivered.

I get to talk to a supervisor who has researched my delivery. When USPS delivers a package that has a tracking number on it, it is scanned by the carrier. When the carrier performs their scan, the GPS in their scanner also records and reports the location of the scan. My package was scanned at and delivered to the wrong address. Right street, wrong address that does not even come close to mine. How the?! The supervisor says she will reach out to the carrier to try to get the issue corrected. She says she will call me in a few minutes. I leave the post office to await the call. No call came in during the evening.

This morning I call the post office and the phone number that I was given for a supervisor, not the one helping me, but another. Both phone numbers ring with a busy signal at 9:15am. WTF?! I call my lawyer.

You called your lawyer? Sure did. I out my merchandise, and my cash. USPS is dragging its feet with a resolution. Time to up the pressure, and get an expert of law introduced into the process on my behalf. I describe what has happened to the person that answers the phone and she tells me a lawyer from the firm will reach back out to me within 8 hours.

Meantime just after 1pm today, the supervisor that was helping me called me. She wanted to know if my package had been delivered. I put her on hold and called my wife. Our mail had not been delivered yet. She said she would reach out to the carrier again to try to get my package back. My mail arrived late in the evening. Sad. No consistency of delivery. We lost that when our original carrier retired.

The lawyer calls me and gives me some action items to take care of. I’ve done those, and we will see how this plays out. It does not look good for USPS, who should have by now, just reimbursed me for the value of the merchandise. I seriously doubt they will get the package back.