Throwback Thursday

Junior year. 1994. The 1993 yearbook was so ugly I think the next yearbook staff just tried not to make the same error. This one was plain ole green. Weak sauce. It wasn’t even school​ colors. 

I rarely ate in the cafeteria, but I had a lunch card.

Two highlights of the year were getting my class ring and attending the Junior-Senior Prom.

I have the actual prom photo of Michelle and I somewhere in a memoir box. Yes, I have several of those. I’m not a pack rat, but I keep things around that have defined me, and will allow those in the future, such as my children and their children to know me.

I still wear my class ring. I wear it along with my wedding band. I didn’t get my college class ring. It didn’t mean as much to me as the one from high school. That was a process to work with Jostens to personalize it and then have it delivered.

Next week, I dive inside the 1994 yearbook.