The Intricate Web

The two men stand face to face, mere feet apart. The tension is thick enough to be its own weapon of mass destruction. Dallas is a pacing like a boxer ready to be unleashed from his corner.

“Why are you here? Why are you right here, right now? Are you ready to make the final decision? Your eyes betray you. You’re not ready.”

Hendrick is silent, but stern in his resolve. He’s outnumbered 3 to 1 and he knows one wrong move or moment of indecision will make things go from bad to worse. In the shadows at his back, are two men and Dallas is in front of him. It’s a triangle of death.

Suddenly, Dallas slams his foot onto a loose floor board, sending it upward into Hendrick’s jaw. Hendrick crumples onto the floor, bloody and heavily dazed, but still alive– for now.

“Enjoy the blue to match your black.,” Dallas snarled. β€œYou’re not the law in this domain. I am! Next time, I’ll take your head.”

Hendrick continues to lay on the floor of the abandoned house in pain, wishing he was dead, but thankful to be alive. Dallas is more than a hill. He’s more than a mountain. He’s a planet. Hendrick failed to be the planet killer today.

Dallas and his companions leave the house and get on their bikes. The sounds of engines engulf the air, but there is no peel out. Just a slow, normal drive off like what just happened between them and Hendrick was an everyday occurrence.

Hendrick groans as he lifts his arm to reach into his pocket and slides out his phone. He dials a number and says a quiet prayer. β€œHello?” says the voice on the other end.

He takes a few deep breaths as he struggles to get the words out. “Man down. Man down. I need help, Casey. I got in too deep. Man down.” He starts to slip out of consciousness.

Casey senses something is wrong.”Where are you?” Silence on the other end. β€œHendrick! Where are you?”

Hendrick comes to and manages to get the street address out, then passes out for good.

“We’re on our way!” Casey screams into the phone.

She grabs her gear and turns to Bubba. “Bubba, let’s roll. We got a man down.”

Bubba looks at Casey quizzically and adjusts himself in his chair. “We gotta a what?”

Casey shoots a dagger at him with her eyes., “It’s Hendrick, man! He needs us now! Move!.”

Bubba pops out of his chair, a worried look on his face, “Chief ain’t gonna like this, you know.”

Casey huffs,”Well, he’ll like it even less if Hendrick is left for dead.”

Casey and Bubba leave the station quicklyΒ and in silence. They get into their patrol car and drive. No sirens. No screeching tires. But a sense of urgency that if they don’t get to Hendrick soon, Death will.

To be continued…