If You Don’t Like to Share

If you don’t like to share or you can’t learn to share, then I need to let you know that having children will force you to learn how to share.

Mainly I’m talking about the food on your plate. That’s right. Your child or children will become the food mafia and you need to pay your protection fee. If not, there will be problems.

Sometimes I think it’s cute. Other times I want to be like Golem, “It’s mine! My precious.” However, I’m a parent, and what I teach (show) my children is what they will learn. IF I want them to learn to share, then I must provide the example to them. That means Daddy has to be willing and even learn to share as well. Except, Chocolate. I’ll go hide to get my fix. LOL.

If you don’t like to share, and you have children please be careful. You’re teaching them not to share by your actions as much as your words.