Not Over It

I’m still not over the Falcons choking the Superbowl away. The same problem that has plagued the team for years reared its head in the second half. The inability of the defensive line to apply pressure to the quaterback.

It’s very simple. If Brady gets a clean pocket, he is going to slaughter you. It happen all season.

Why did the defensive line lose their rush? Did they leave it in the locker room after the 30 minute half time? Was there not enough depth on the team for the defensive line?

If the Falcons had scored when they opened the second half, the defense may have gotten back into the flow of the game. Maybe. Taking the sack and then the false start penalty killed the drive and it foreshadowed the impending doom.

Kyle Shannahan is now the Head Coach for the 49ers, which makes me wonder what offensive changes are coming, and are those changes going to be a setback? Look at past Superbowl winners and the one thing you have to see is coming consistency in staff. That means a lot when you have great staff. Atlanta should have found a way to keep Kyle at least one more year. I’m not getting against a Panther like falloff after losing the Superbowl. The NFC South is an ever changing division when it comes to which team is in control from year to year.

Some say it is better to have played in the big game and lose than to not have played in it. In this case I don’t know about that.

Congratulations to the Patriots. Congratulations to Belichick and Brady for becoming legends of the game. 

The Patriots are often in memes as the Dark Side of Star Wars. Well, the Falcons were the rebels, but this movie played out with the Dark Side of the Force choking the life out of the Rebel Alliance. The Sith have prevailed. Welcome to the beautiful tragedy.