Our lives are lived in decades. Every ten years can demarcate a change be it, growth, regression, or stagnation. Friends can change or remain the same through decades. Your location can change or remain the same.

Friends from one decade may clash with friends from another decade, or there could be harmony as diversity and history are embraced. This friend knew me in through grade school, while this friend is from my college years, this friend is post-college, and this friend is from the later adult years.

Some of us return to familiar places while others continue to stretch boundaries. Your sense of community changes. It may have been small, but now it’s larger. Maybe big city living made you miss the quiet of the small town where everyone knows your name. Where you are this person’s son or daughter, or grandchild, or black sheep.

Father Time passes no man up. You may age more gracefully than someone else, but you do age. The decades can be good and bad to you depending on your choices. There are many choices, but unlike the choose your own adventure books, you can’t always go back to start over.

You’ll be a best friend, a friend, then an old friend to many people through your decades. Sometimes, those transitions will fill you with sadness, at other times it will fill you with an understanding that paths do diverge from time to time. Sometimes you meet again, other times, the fork in the road is a permanent one. Other times, you just have to leave some folk along the side of the road.