A Story Idea to be Birthed

It has been a long time since I had a story idea concretely run through my mind. Getting back to blogging greased some creative wheels that had been stuck. Thus far I have a title, two characters, and a start.

How long will the story be? I honestly don’t know. There is no limit right now. All stories come to an end, but there will be many chapters or maybe I should call them episodes. Some episodes will be short, some will be long. Character introduction will be a mystery to you and me. I’ll know as I write, and you’ll find out as you read.

My job as the writer creative is to bring you into the world of the characters. To surround you mind in a virtual or augmented reality that you don’t need a crazy amount of technology for.

Yeah, I’m feeling this one. Stay tuned. You’ll know when it starts.