Cold Weather Returning

Cold weather is returning later this week. Boo. I’ve been enjoying the near 60 degree days instead of the freeze your toes off days we were having. It was warm enough this past weekend for me to drop the top on the Mustang in the afternoon.

Highs of 30 and slightly below that are returning by the weekend. Bundling up and staying warm will be the priority. I’m on call, hopefully, I can enjoy some Netflix streaming while the twins don’t control the TV.

Speaking of Netflix, My suggested watching is Containment. The first season is 13 episodes and it has been good. I’m half way through. I don’t know if there will be a second season. If not, I hope the last episode ties things up nicely.

The NFL Pro Bowl is this weekend. I know. No one really cares. If you’re football starved, it’s at least a game to watch.