Turn Signal Upgrade

A while back I noticed that the amber turn signals on the Mustang did not shine at the same intensity. It was weird. I don’t know why I didn’t notice before, but I wanted to fix the issue. Today’s abnormal warm overcast Ohio weather provided that opportunity.

As you can see I found the problem immediately. The amber paint was flaking off. This is most likely due to the heat of the bulb itself. Only one bulb was like this, which is why there was a difference in the intensity of the amber color.

I upgraded to LED bulbs in both turn signals.

The LED bulbs are plug and play. As you can see, they look a little odd, but they work great. I picked the bulbs up at my local Advance Auto. It was a 10 minute DIY job. Just make sure you have a 7/16 deep socket or wrench (1995 Mustang GT).