Ohio Bro? Really?

After moving to Charleston, resetting life once again, I found joy. I found faith again, I enjoyed my job, and I found a wife. Life was good. It was awesome. We bought our first home. She finished her Master’s degree. We were moving along, but things were about to change.

The Masters was not the finish line for Felice. We knew this and it was time to make the next move to get her Ph.D. That’s how we ended up in Ohio. She attended and graduated from The Ohio State University with a Ph.D. in African-American History. Post graduation economy kept us here, though we longed to move back home to South Carolina.

Fast forward a few more years and the twins are born. Yes, we are still in Ohio, but God knew what he was doing. His plan has worked to perfection. We needed to be here for the twins.

I have not become a Buckeye by any stretch. Unfortunate for Ohio State, the school got off on a serious bad foot with me, and the arrogance of the fans completely turned me off. When they look at my Gamecock gear and they try to get cocky, I just remind them of the two Outback Bowl losses, and how weak the Big10 really is overall compared to the SEC. Jaws get shut real quick. They do have championships, but you have to know how to be a humble winner instead of a loud mouth one. The Buckeyes are big in Columbus. The only other major sports team in town is the hockey team, the Blue Jackets.

Will we remain in Ohio forever? Nah. Plans are being set forth to blow this popsicle stand. To get away from snow, the frigid cold, and closer to the family. Being closer to the family is important to me for the twins. I want the girls to have a link to their past so they can forge their future in a way that is next level.

We will miss some things about Ohio when we do move. Most of all we will miss our church here, Rhema Christian Center, our friends, and our friends that have become like family.

It wasn’t an easy move here, but it was the right decision.