Gamecock for Life

College life was good. I went to the University of South Carolina to major in Journalism and Mass Communication. Mission accomplished.

Graduating from college did not have the same resounding happiness that graduating from high school did. Maybe it was the change of friends, or the size of the graduation, or just the overall change in life.

I spent most of college living off campus, working, and enjoying activities away from campus. I wasn’t a campus social butterfly by any means. Maybe that was a mistake, maybe it wasn’t.

I kept a close knit circle of friends. Anyone outside that circle was an associate. Life was changing.

I was far enough away from home to be on my own, but close enough to visit when needed or wanted. My grandfather had heart surgery during this time frame too. The surgery was done in Columbia, and that made things a little easier to handle for me. I could go to school, work, then go to the hospital. Once he went home, I could spend as much time there too as needed.

I was able to keep my job with Dollar Tree by transferring to a store in Columbia. That was nice, and I started gaining more responsibilities, along with beginning to understand what I needed out of a manager.

I only moved home once for a summer. I still worked in Columbia and hung out there and surrounding areas. That summer was the only time I lived in Rembert again. I had grown. My wings had carried me to other places that I wanted to return to. I felt there was nothing  for me to return to Rembert or Sumter for, besides to see family. My grandfather encouraged me to grow. We became closer as men talking more about life, than just a grandson to grandfather relationship.

I lost my church relationship once I went to USC. Like many young churches, and some old ones, the leadership did not know how to keep those that were headed off to college engaged. To keep helping them to build their faith. There was no bridge and eventually the chasm grew wide enough that jumping it was bothersome.

Post graduation, I ended up moving to Charleston after negotiations did not work out with the Boys & Girls Club. I needed to make a certain amount of money to live a normal life. They couldn’t meet me there. I found other work. It was my second departure from the organization. Maybe I’ll follow this up with the ends and outs of what happened. Why I went back and why I had to leave for good.

Needless to say, I’m not just a Gamecock fan, I’m a Gamecock with the degree to back it up. Funny thing is I don’t work in a journalistic field. I don’t do anything that one would think my degree would lend itself too. I work in Information Technology. My concentration was Public Relations. In today’s slang, I was going to school to become a spin doctor. I learned something more than that though. I learned that in any kind of journalism, facts trump opinion everyday. Real journalist report the facts. They leave their opinion at the door or save it for the editorial page. Keep that in mind when you’re watching the reporting news media these days. 

Why Charleston? Only God knows why, but as life has gone on, He has revealed it to me piece by piece. Rebirth of faith was one big one, and to give me a future. Why USC? Once again, He had his reason.