The Coming Tech Backlash

The Coming Tech Backlash

I read the above article and I have to say that I agree with it. I’ll use what I heard on NPR as an example as to why I agree.

There was a company formerly based in the US that moved back to the US, but did not hire or rehire former employees when they moved back to the US. After their move overseas, a lot of the tasks that created jobs became doable via automation. Technology is awesome right? They automated as much as they could. Eventually, they so it as beneficial to move back to the US.

When the company moved back to the US, the only job they needed to offer was one for the engineer needed to fix any of the automation that broke. Well, they basically offered the guy the job from overseas and he moved to the US with them.

How does the above relate to what I do? My job will be obsolete in the future. Think IBM Watson, and the search power of Google combined with the voice abilities of Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. You won’t talk to me. You’ll talk to them, then they will read you word for word the information needed to fix your issue.

Password reset? Self service. Software activation or install? Self service. How to do this or that? You ask and get a verbal response along with connection direct to the needed information. The service desk is becoming a dinosaur.

Given there are some things a machine can’t do yet, it’s best that you do your best to get on that side of the fence. Otherwise, you maybe locked out in the cold with the miners.

The AI Age will change things for a lot of people, myself included.