I Was Thinking Today

After joining Facebook to promote my photography business, I started receiving friend request from friends I have not spoken with or seen in years. It’s nice, interesting, and kind of scary how with miniscule information Facebook can do it’s best to connect the dots in you life, both past and present.

I’ve maintained an online presence for a long time. You can just look back through the archives of this blog to tell that. Basically, I was hiding in open site.

I’m not famous enough to pop up at the top of a Google search, but I’m no needle in a haystack. Facebook makes connecting easy. They have done a great job of that. A monopolistic job of it. Can’t knock the hustle.

Many maybe wondering why when I left home, I didn’t try to come back, or at least send smoke signals to announce to everyone where I was, and where I was going. That’s simple and complicated.

There was joy, hurt, and drive involved. The joy of freedom of being an adult, looking forward to the military life and college. Only half of that equation played out. That story is for another post.

There was the hurt of love gained and lost. Of broken trusts, and lost best friends which started me down a path of never looking back. I tossed the match over my shoulder as I walked away while the bridge burned into the canyon. Who am I kidding. I thought about using C4, but used dynamite instead. I got talked out of the C4 level of destruction. 

I attempted to repair that burnt bridge, but it was never the same. It could only be a fragile shell of its former self. That’s all that remains.

With nothing seemingly to go back to the drive to do more and be more kicked in full gear. I basically washed away what had happened and resolved to move forward. Disappointing since some people, I had known for many years, but at last, our paths were and had diverged.

I forged new friendships and basically rebooted life once I got to college. Funny, history repeated itself again as I was leaving college. Live is full of circular action.

I’ve grown a lot as a person. I’ve learned that you can go back, but you can’t always recreate that magic that made everything click, and if there is no new magic, then things will just be what they are.

Every decade for me has been one of great change. Starting off my 40s seems to be no different. The question is how do I handle the changes? Will some bridges be built anew? How far has life come and how far can it go?