Thanks, USPS…NOT

First, it was UPS inputting delivery information incorrectly. Now USPS has done the same thing with what I consider to be an all out lie. MY package was marked as undeliverable because no one was home to sign for it or it could not be left safely. That’s a bunch of bull. Yes, it was icy out, but I was home all day. All day. A simple knock on the door and I would have received the package. USPS didn’t even try. We received zero mail.

If the mail carrier ran out of time to complete their deliveries then say so. Be honest. Don’t input false information into the system to save your hide. I can understand the weather conditions delaying the delivery. Be honest.

Ever since our original mail carrier, who was a man that was at least six foot, eight inches tall, retired, our mail has been goofy. Our original carrier was always on time. After him, it became a crap shoot. At least mail was delivered before I got home in the evening. However, at this time we don’t know when our mail will arrive. Sometimes it’s before noon. Sometimes it’s just after noon. Other times the mail does not arrive until after six o’clock in the evening. Just whacky.

This is all especially frustrating at this time of year when on time package delivery is vital for gift giving. All package handling services are swamped. Just be honest with delivery delays. I can understand a weather delay, but saying I wasn’t available to receive the package is a lie.