My One Amazon Prime Pet Peeve

I have one per peeve with Amazon Prime. I wish there was a way to designate who you want to deliver your goods. If I could make the choice, I would choose only FedEx and USPS. 

What about UPS? What about them. I’m ticked at UPS right now. Today they caused my stress level to go up for no good reason. 

Somewhere along the shipping line of a gift for my daughters, UPS reported back to Amazon that delivery had failed due to the business not being open.Now that was a big fat mistake. My house is not a business and my wife was at home. There was no knock or sticker on the door. I just had a notification that UPS would try again the next business day. I was not a happy camper. Two day delivery and UPS botched it.

I called my wife and confirmed that there was not a delivery. I could only wait it out. Low and behold the item was delivered this afternoon. There was never a change in status from the UPS side though. At least the package arrived on time. Last time something similar happened, my package was a couple of days late. I don’t like UPS right now.

If only I could designate shipping, even if it meant I could not get pricing from certain sellers, I would do it.