What Good are Rewards?

What good are rewards that do not lead to something better? Why even bother if they are only words? Why bother if they do not open doors to something greater if the reward is not going to assist in elevation?

I’m not talking about emotional elevation. That is fleeting at best. The next person that waltzes into your life could smash one of your toes dashing that emotional high onto jagged rocks that give way to an ocean deep with grief and pain.

What about rewards that move the scales, take you up a rung of the ladder, or move you to the next stage? How many “thank yous” can you get before you start thinking that I’m doing this so well, but why can’t I ascend to the next level?

Rewards, I like them, I enjoy them, but what real long-term weight do they carry? I think not much in this day and age. They have been watered down by the everyone gets a trophy mentality.

No spilled milk here. I’m just living in the reality that rewards are not as cracked up as they use to be.