The Google+ Change

I couldn’t wrap my head around what has been bugging me about Google+ for a while now. I enjoy using the social network, but something has felt off the past few months with it suddenly. I think I figured it out finally.

When Google+ first started the posts and conversations around the posts were like reading the Wall Street Journal. You had to think and the conversations could go deep.

Now, Google+ is more like USAToday with the Yahoo comment section. If you don’t post an image with your post, then forget about engagement. People want pictures. Even if the content of the post can stand on its own, the people want a picture, and they want to be able to respond with a picture. Forget typing words to converse. Just slap up some Picard Facepalm gifs and be set. That’s BORING.

Don’t get me wrong, there are people that use images well to engage their audience, but I’m disappointed that everything has to be so image driven. You can’t just type how you feel or what you think. You have to convey it with some overly used gif or picture from the Internet. Bah. Maybe, it’s just bah for me because I’m a writer. I write. I like writing. I rather you try to entangle me in a sentence of emotion from time to time than to just post a pic trying to represent your emotion. Maybe writing is a dead art form. Maybe that’s the root of my problem with Google+?

My other problem at large with Google+ is the spammers. It has rocketed to a new level. I’ve blocked and reported more people in the past three months than I did my first few years on the network. That’s just sad. Google handles spam so well via their email system, why can they not do the same on their social network?

I’m not abandoning ship, but I can’t say my confidence is very high. I’m glad I did not delete this blog because if things go belly up, I’ll be right back here even more.