Random Thoughts

The echo chamber has changed. With so many voices can any one voice be truly heard. Must you be that featured artist first before even a glimpse will be given to investigate the talent within?

Who are we here, and does here even matter? Do you care? Does it have to be organized or can we throw spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks?

Are you still reading this? Impressive. I don’t know where I’m going or when I’m going to arrive. I’ll keep walking and driving though as long as the fuel does not run out.

This does not fit into a Collection box. Without walls, and without direction. Just go. Just keep going.

The system is broken and we accept it because to some degree we are broken and hoping for a fix. A sliver of relevance like a Hype Man waiting for his chump change cut of the album sale. Ughhhh. What! What! Throw your hands up! Put’em up put’em up.

You still here? I’m not feeling it, but you maybe. Peace.

No, it’s not goodbye silly rabbit. That trick is for…..nah. It’s the system. It’s broken. Not on the surface, but the underlying functions that once were in harmony are out of whack. Does anyone care? Coffee. Would you like some coffee? Work long and hard. Your reward is coffee. I miss Heavy D.

Stop and Frisk, death sealed with a kiss.

Later. Audi 5000 G. Love ain’t got nothing to do with it. Perseverance does.

Swing low sweet chariot.


Originally posted on Google+ on Sep 28, 2016