Oh My Time Warner

Last month I left Time Warner cable for a better deal with WOW!. Fortunately, in my area, there is not a monopoly setup for the cable companies. We have choices and having choices is always a good thing for the consumer when it comes to offers and saving cash.

I’ve gotten offers from other providers before, but none until the latestΒ one from WOW! convinced me to switch. Basically, WOW! was offering move me up to 60 down, instead of 50 down, and 5 up, instead of about 2.5 up. Plus save me about $40 overall per month. Even when the promotion ends, I’ll still be saving about $20 at the normal pricingΒ level. No brainer. SOLD!

I called up WOW! and setup the appointment for installation. I scheduled the install a few days before my bill to Time Warner was due. That was purposeful. I wanted to end my billing with no overlap of owing a partial month.

Some people will say Time Warner sucks. Good for you. Others will say WOW! sucks, what an aweful choice. You mileage with any service provider will vary. Always keep that in mind. I digress.

I call Time Warner after the WOW! installation is done, and working to my satisfaction, to cancel my account. The representative did not give me a hard time. Matter of fact she agreed that I was getting a better deal. She could not beat it with any counter-offer she was authorized to provide. She was pleasant and setup the disconnection. I took down the confirmation number just in case I needed it later. I pay my final bill a couple of days later,or so I thought.

Time Warner sends me a bill for the full month of September. I’m confused. I cancelled in August and paid what was owed. I call customer service today during my lunch. Yeah, I really wanted to spend my lunch waiting on the phone, but it was a better time, than trying to call in the evening while at home with the twins.

I explain to the representative that I cancelled service and should not have a bill for September. She looks over my account. I remind her of when I cancelled and that I paid the last bill in full (they owed me five cents). She agreed with me and proceed with correcting the account. She apologized for the error in billing and explained that I oweed $12 and change for equipment. I had this look O.o on my face.

Why the O.o look? Because I own allof my own equipment. I told her that I owned all of my equipment. She checked the account again and verified as much. I now owe zero. She again apologizes for the billing error.

All of this makes me wonder how many people over pay or just assume that the biller is correct? You have to know what you are suppose to be getting as a consumer, and if you are getting it. If I had just paid the bill, Time Warner would have walked with my money whistling Happy Days to the bank. They may have even charged me again. It’s possible.

I hope they fix whatever the billing glitch is, and do so soon. It’s not good to wear that much egg on your face.