Half a Year Retrospective

Looking back at the first half of this year I can say that my family and I have walked through the fire. Forget coming out gold, we gonna come out platinum. There is a harvest coming.

We tend to remember those things that impacted us most. Even through the gloom there has been sunshine. Plenty of rays feeding hope. They kept and keep us going.

Let me just lay it out. Some would say don’t, but this walk may give you hope or at the very least inspire you to carry on. To walk on. Get knocked down. Get back up. Glove up. Fight back until victory is yours.

During the last quarter of 2014, my wife and I found out we were pregnant with twins. Awesome right? Until the amniotic sack ruptured for one of the twins in February 2015. Don’t get scared or start crying. She survived. It did start a two month stay in the hospital for my wife though. It was suppose to be longer, but I’ll get to that in a minute. World turned upside down. I’m thankful for a great family, friends, church members, and good co-workers. This was hard. Not the hardest part, but hard enough.

So the next couple of months are spent living between the hospital, home, and work. Not easy at all. Sure, you get a rhythm going, but it’s not one you want to go on and on and on.

I’m a fixer and I couldn’t fix this. I could only remain calm and react when warranted.  I remember getting the call to rush her to the hospital. It was right after work. I was headed to the store to do our grocery shopping. She called. She asked where I was. I answered, and she told me what was needed. I hit the next exit and hauled it home. Driving the Mustang right? Nope. Suburban. Trust me, it knows when not to be a slouch. It may be old, but that old 350 can move when motivated.

The first night at the hospital was the longest night. It turned into day, and we found out we were staying. She was staying. Doctors orders.

Now we have to wrap our heads around this situation, that is dangerous, but has happened to others before. Life changes in the blink of an eye. We adjust and do what we have to do.

This does not sound to bad yet, right? Life is an adventure after all. The twins were suppose to be born in May. They decided to be born in April.

About work. In the mist of all of this I’m part of a  major software rollout that has been months in the making. No pressure. Remain trying to do my on call times and just coping with everyday work. Greet the caller with a smile. How about I do that if they don’t great me with a sledgehammer because they forgot their password. My weight is already heavy enough to bear.

Twins born in April. What a happy wonderful scary heart wrenching day. Overjoyed that they arrived. Worried because they are in the NICU due to being premature, and one needed serious help.

Moving forward a little, my wife gets to come home, but the girls are still in the NICU. Our dog passes on. It was expected, but never easy, and why right now. Maybe earlier would have been better. Right now though? The timing turned out to be good. He was a tough old dog. My buddy. He proved old dogs could learn new tricks and no matter what, don’t give up. He passed once my wife came home. He was waiting to see her we believe. He was always protective of her and she was his nurturer, while I was the trainer and fun guy. It still brings a tear to our eyes when we see pictures of him. Toby was awesome.

My mom and aunt are in a serious car accident the week before my mom is to come visit. Now I’m looking at life with that tilted dog head look.

One twin comes home. Hooray. Half way there. Her sister is transferred to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. She’s getting better, but still needs further care. Into the Summer we roll. Life is still changing and evolving. Hospital visits are still a regular event, now with caring for an infant at home.

Just as things are getting stable, or we are adjusting to our new normal, my step-grandfather passes away in New York. That was an emotional rollercoaster for a multitude of reasons. To much to get into here.

I drove to New York in a rental car. It was the cheaper option at first. Then I got caught in what was left of a tropical storm on the way back home. The only hotel choice was a Hilton. More than I wanted to spend, but safety first. I wanted to be home for my first Father’s Day.

Now we are headed to Fall. Football season has started ramping up. A bathroom remodel that had us in a hotel for week is done. Baby. Hotel. Lots of fun. Not. Our other daughter will be home soon. We’ll be one unit under one roof.

I take solace in knowing that our harvest is coming. There is always sunshine after the storm. It’s the rain from the storm that is needed to grow. Once the sunlight hits, you shoot off like a rocket.