It’s June…Wowsers

Wow. It’s June. Half the year has gone by. What a whirlwind. Right now, I am one tired father of twins. They both are not home yet, but sleep is more of a convenience than an option these days.

Instead of “smoke’em if you got’em, it’s sleep when you can if you can.

I thank God I have insurance for us with my job. I took a look at a bill without insurance applied. It was Lamborghini money. I drive a Mustang. I don’t have Lamborghini money. That bill will need to be adjusted.

I will have a big project this year. Really, it’s a return to a former project that collapsed. It’s time to get the family tree really done later this year. My daughters will need to know where they come from later in life. I intend to fill as many of those gaps in genealogy as possible. This will most likely involve a heavy road trip as well.