Getting It Back Together

With this restart of Dispersed Thoughts I am reworking the design of the blog. When I last really wrote in this space I always included a picture with the post and yada yada. Well, this time I’m going back to the basics.

All posts may not include a picture. For some they will say what are you doing, you have to have a picture to spur along interest. Without a picture no one will read anything. Oh well I say. Heck, punctuation and grammar is not even right in this post. I’m doing my way.

Posts may be long or short. Posts maybe mundane or so deep you get lost in thought. It will be just what it is.

My main concentration for now will be getting the theme back to something I enjoy and that makes some sense. I stripped everything down to the basics, which is why the blog looks so basic now. It’s going to change. So excuse me while I get my crowbar and sledge hammer going.