New License Plate Lenses and Lights

The new license plate lenses and lights are in. Installation was a breeze thanks to the kit from Late Model Restoration. Stay legal my friends.

I like the design of the new lenses. Having more actual lens along the backside casts more light as you can tell. Just look at the factory as compared to the replacement.

I pulled out the old plastic screws with pliers and a screwdriver. In the kit was a new set so there was no fear of damaging the old ones. They would not screw out anyway.

The replacement kit also came with seals that should help reduce the trunk shock and vibration to the bulbs, which is known to cause them to go out prematurely. If this set does go out prematurely, I’ll step up to the LEDs.

This took me about 15 minutes to do, mostly due to picture taking, and being careful not to scratch anything while I yanked the old screws out.