Headlight Switch Replacement

Project Drop Top Bullitt now has a new headlight switch. If I ever have to replace it again, I may just drive up to Dearborn and dropkick the designer of the 1994 – 2004 Mustang headlight knob.

Below is a great video which I watched at least 10 times. Taking apart the dash was a piece of cake. Getting the old shaft out was easy as 3.14. Getting the new knob off the new shaft? That almost took a journey to Hades and back.

I gave up on the insert screwdriver or use pliers tricks. I put the whole thing in and used brute force to pull the knob off. That made sense. though. It’s a pony/muscle car. It knows brute force.

Put the dash back on, and slapped the new knob on. Look ma, no more need for pliers. Yes, I had a leatherman in the car.

Now knowing just how easy it is to access the speedometer area, I think I will do the chrome trim rings in the future. Spruce it up a little.